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UpJohn Leadership

As an organization committed to putting patients first, Pfizer has always evolved with the changing needs of the people who rely on us to create a healthier world. That’s why our newly launched business, Upjohn, leverages the strengths at the core of who we are: an entrepreneurial mindset and a sense of purpose.


Person view: 
Erik Bossan

365体育足球Regional President, Developed Markets

Niall Condon

365体育足球Senior Vice President, Global Supply

Michael Goettler

365体育足球Group President, Pfizer Upjohn

Lu Hong

365体育足球Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Geoff Levitt

Senior Vice President, Legal

Jeffrey Liu

365体育足球Vice President, Compliance

Tian Xiang Miao

365体育足球Regional President, Greater China and Country Manager, Pfizer China

Sanjeev Narula

365体育足球Senior Vice President, Finance and Business Operations

Sean Ni

Senior Vice President, Strategy, Business Development and Commercial Capabilities, Upjohn

Amrit Ray, M.D.

365体育足球Global President, R&D and Medical

Catherine Shao

365体育足球Chief of Staff, Pfizer Upjohn

Menassie Taddese

365体育足球Regional President, Emerging Markets