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Supplier Partnerships

365体育足球Pfizer actively supports collaborative industry efforts to improve performance in supply chain management. These include efforts with our suppliers, the , and the .

365体育足球Through these relationships and others, we look for synergistic opportunities to help suppliers achieve better, more sustainable EHS performance.

In particular, we aim to:

  • Contribute to a more sustainable global supply chain.
  • Ensure our suppliers follow the PSCI's Pharmaceutical Industry Principles for Responsible Supply Chain Management.
  • Build EHS capacity in our supply chain.

Notable actions in our Supplier Partnerships include:

  • Aligning with internal partners to establish a global sustainability survey for distribution to key suppliers.
  • Working directly with suppliers to perform energy assessments, sharing good practices in greenhouse gas emission reductions, saving costs, and energy efficiencies.
  • Supporting the PSCI which was adopted by other biopharmaceutical companies dedicated to helping suppliers achieve better environmental, health and safety performance while improving labor standards.
  • Establishing a partnership with the ISC, an organization committed to advancing sustainability in developing countries through education and training.

Recent performance achievements include:

  • Completion of energy assessments at key suppliers.
  • Harmonization of supplier sustainability surveys across Pfizer.
  • Implementation support of PSCI's "" and, along with other member companies, asking suppliers to pledge commitment to them.
  • Providing technical materials for incorporation into ISC training curriculum at the Jiangsu Province EHS Academy.