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Discovering Cancer Breakthroughs

Speeding advances and breakthrough medicines to patients

365体育足球Our robust pipeline of novel cancer medicines will help deliver meaningful breakthroughs that drive innovation and transform the cancer treatment landscape.

We aim to significantly improve the lives of cancer patients worldwide with approved therapies for a broad array of cancers.
Our robust pipeline of novel medicines will help with our goal to deliver meaningful therapies that transform the cancer treatment landscape.


Solutions based in real-world experience

Don Apanovitch, Functional Genomics Director of the Oncology Department, shares his story about surviving blood cancer and describes how his experience motivates him to research new therapies for cancer.

Building on a strong portfolio

At Pfizer, we strive to bring innovative treatments to the forefront by developing therapies that provide maximum efficacy while minimizing adverse effects for the patient.

Our current portfolio of oncology therapies covers a range of cancers. We continue to study these therapies alone and in combination with other treatments to fully explore their ability to improve the lives of cancer patients.